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Antoine & Stanley Shoes

Known as Australia's No. 1 footwear and accessories label for men and women, Antoine & Stanley is a must have for every man’s shoe closet. And did we mention the stylish accessories such as trendsetting sunglasses? Or the very stylish handbags? This brand seems to be the ultimate all-rounder, so make sure you include Antoine & Stanley in your choice of brand when it comes to your weekly shopping trip. Cool with an urban-edge – there is no other way to describe the Antoine + Stanley men’s shoes range. Antoine + Stanley is designed for guys who appreciate and demand designer street men’s fashion shoes. Disrupting conventional style and embracing basement rawness marks the difference between Antoine + Stanley and its competitors. Complete your look, gentlemen, with a luxurious range of leather shoes that will reinvent you in a way that you could never have expected.

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With his goal in mind to create a subculture of well-dressed men, owner of A & S, Paul Waddy, encourages you to wear these shoes at gigs, parties or just a night out – and to create your own individual style. So go and create this style online at Zando, where you have the freedom to shop anywhere, anytime. Pair your new Antoine & Stanley shoes with a hip pair of designer jeans, and top that off with a stylish long sleeve shirt, and you will have the ladies running towards you. Zando wants to make it easy for you, so with FREE delivery & FREE returns, you can have your Antoine & Stanley look in no time.