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When you found the skater in you, there is only one next step – you must get your hands on a pair of Supras, Cape Town, Tokyo, New York it doesn't matter your location Supra's are a must. This is a brand that has perfected the art of creating a shoe that combines both functionality and design. And when we say design, we mean the coolest styles and the hottest trends. Add the fact that the Supra shoes are extremely comfortable, and you have your perfect fit. Wear them when you are going for that casual look or at the office – this is the best part: certain Supra shoes are even stylishly designed for you to go to work with them (depending on your type of work, of course. Recognised internationally, the Supra brand is known for its high quality shoes that ensure the wearer’s comfort and with that a confident attitude. Wear these shoes in whatever kind of weather – you are protected from the winter rains, and you are guaranteed your breathability on those hot summer days.

Supra South Africa – creating the finest skate shoes since 2006

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