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After Eden South Africa

After Eden is a South African company that creates interesting and fashionable lingerie. The company introduced its bras, women's panties, lounge robes and other types of lingerie in September of 2010. South African women who want to feel sexy and always look their best can order all the After Eden lingerie they need at Zando. With After Eden lingerie, you don't have to give up comfort to look sexy.

Bras from After Eden are as seductive as they are stylish. Your choices in After Eden bras are nearly endless. If you need to add volume to your breasts, a padded bra with adjustable straps should do the trick. For extra support while retaining your sex appeal, choose a lacy underwire bra from After Eden.

Tight-fitting clothing makes you feel attractive and desired, but it can also cause unsightly panty lines. Thong underwear from After Eden helps to eliminate that problem. When the work day is done, your partner will love seeing you in undergarments from After Eden.

After Eden also creates breathtaking slip dresses for a romantic evening out or at home. Slip dresses create a classic look of pure femininity. No matter where you go, the guys won't be able to resist stealing a glance your way. Life can get mundane at times, but you can keep it fresh and stimulating by outfitting yourself in After Eden lingerie.