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Bettie Page South Africa

If your goal is to stand out as a trend-setting and stylish fashionista, then you won't want to buy yet another pair of nude pumps and ballet flats. At Zando, we know that looking fabulous starts with your feet, and that is why we now offer an extensive collection of sexy high-heeled shoes from Bettie Page. These shoes are not demure, and they are bound to catch the attention of everyone you meet. Originally designed as the kind of shoes that pin-up girls in the 1950s might wear when posing on top of hot rods, the heels from Bettie Page are sexy, stylish and anything but ordinary.

If you are looking for the most over-the-top pair of heels imaginable, then the heelless platform ankle boots will be right up your alley. The contemporary look forces you to walk on the balls of your feet rather than your heels, but the result is a stunning display guaranteed to get you noticed wherever you happen to be. For something equally chic, try on a pair of the black spiked platform heels. The metallic spikes set you apart and show off a little edge when paired with a slinky cocktail dress or even a pair of black skinny jeans. Slightly more feminine options include peep-toe stilettos with blue and white polka dots and a sweet bow at the front. Whatever your mood or your style, you can find a pair of Bettie Page shoes to match.