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Birthstone Bracelets

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GCancer signs,
born between June 21st and July 22nd, are all about giving, nurturing and
providing.  As great as their need to do
these things for others, the more they can learn to nurture themselves, the
fuller and more fulfilled they will feel.  Cancer signs are characterized as deeply
intuitive, emotional and sensitive.  They
are also very loyal, empathetic people who treat everyone around them like
family.  Cancer is
a water element, notorious for their freedom and “go with the flow”


Two of the
best stones for Cancer signs are Moonstone and Kyanite.  Moonstone is strongly connected with the
energy of the Moon, enhancing your intuition and representing new beginnings.  As a moon-ruled sign, your intuition is
naturally strong.  Connecting with the
energy of Moonstone helps you to harness your intuition and apply it to your
decision making and everyday life.  It
attunes you with your natural rhythm to help be more in tune with your wants,
needs and desires.  As a sign that highly
values routine and often hesitates when it comes to change, you sometimes find
that your life is at a standstill.  Moonstone
helps to open you up to creating change and transforming your life to manifest
your desires.


One of your
major challenges is letting go–especially when it comes to people and patterns
from your past.  Black Kyanite helps you to cut cords with any
unhealthy attachments or relationships that are no longer serving your highest
good.  It brings up unresolved emotions
from your past so that you can deal with them head on, resolve and let go of
them to move forward.  Your home is
very important to you, as it provides you with security and a sense of
stability.  When your home environment is
balanced and thriving, you have the confidence to venture confidently into the


Chrysocolla is a
wonderful stone for Cancer signs to have, having it with you throughout the day
also keeps you from becoming overly sensitive when challenges arise, or things
don’t go as planned.


Connect with Rhodonite and Chrysoprase to
embrace unconditional love and increase feelings of security in your
relationships.  These lunar cancer
birthstones can help you heal your dependency or co-dependency tendencies.  You crave emotional sustenance and validation,
so instead of seeking that outwards, seek inwards.  Meditating with Red Jasper daily will
fill your being with nurturing energies of security and groundedness.



  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: Other

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Birthstone Bracelets - Cancerian Bracelet Unisex One Size Fits All

Birthstone Bracelets - Cancerian Bracelet Unisex One Size Fits All

R 299