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Black Friday Survival Guide

Black Friday is the term that has everyone’s tongue wagging and lips buzzing this November ─ and it isn’t any wonder why, with retailers putting major money toward this main event. Massive discounts will be deployed, large product shipments are being expected and, subsequently, it’ll be all-hands-on-deck for the entire month of November for participating retailers. 

But what does that mean for you as the consumer?

All of the above spells out good news for any potential holiday shoppers. With so much on offer and the bonus of extra discounts and deals, Black Friday is like hitting the shopping lottery. 

Conversely, this also means pure anarchy for shoppers on that day. Every mall will be jam-packed with hopefuls looking to score a discount and some sites will likely crash from overcapacity. This begs the question: Is it even worth it to shop this Black Friday?

The answer is yes! With the right preparation, you can minimise the hassles and you can score a great deal on that day. 

To make your life a little easier when Black Friday comes around, we’ve put together this helpful survival guide to assist you to shop smarter this festive season. 

Advance stakeout

Take a page out of the cop handbook and scope out the scene before making any serious moves. Launch a search of your favourite brands and online stores to see whether they’re having any sales surrounding Black Friday. If they are, save the date and bookmark their tab. You’ll want to revisit them later.  

The early bird catches the worm

You know that saying that goes: “only open hands receive gifts”? Well, only those who sign up to newsletters will receive notifications and only those who receive notifications will get in on the action first. 

Moral of the story: sign up to the newsletter and allow push notifications on the app. 


As much as we’d love you to tell you to treat yourself and blow your entire salary on a Black Friday Sale, we know that that just isn’t realistic. Instead, we’re telling you to budget and make a list. Make a list of all of the things you’re looking to buy for the holiday season and save a reasonable amount of money to cover all of your costs. 

Tip: Skip the morning coffees to save an extra buck to spend this Black Friday. 

Divide and conquer

More hands make lighter work, so rope in your partner, your pals and even the neighbours to help you shop on Black Friday. If you have a large list to get through, divide it among your peers and let them help you get to the checkout safely ─ let one friend search the home category, let another take the beauty category and you can cover fashion. Shopping on is very simple in the sense that it allows you to do all of the browsing online and there are also multiple smart devices that you could use to get it done. 


Looking for more tips and incentives to shop on Black Friday? Check them out here. We also did a quick recap of previous Black Fridays deals in South Africa here.  

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