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Since 1986 Sissy Boy has securely established itself as an internationally recognised denim and fashion leader. Sissy Boy is about more than fashion, it’s a statement of independence and confidence. Sissy Boy embodies the provocative woman who oozes attitude, personifies glamour and above all loves herself. The Sissy Boy woman knows that true sexiness is beyond what you wear, the clothes just make it that much easier!


Introducing Sissy Boy’s arsenal of secret weapons:


Six unique denims loaded with state of the art denim technology to help you look your best. Whether it’s a flatter front or more bootylicious behind, they have something you will want. Because they know that every girl needs a denim BFF to have her back… or behind.


1.    THE AIRLIFT – 360° stretch, made to provide superior holding power for a slimmer silhouette.
2.    THE GYM JEAN – Unique 4-way stretch denim for 360°movement
3.    THE SCULPT JEAN – Lifts and sculpts your booty for added definition while providing a tight fit and extreme comfort.
4.    THE BUM BOOSTER – Strategically placed darts shape & lift, giving you a fuller looking booty.
5.    THE SHAPE SHIFTER – Shapes & holds for added core control. With added front tummy support for an illusion of a tummy tuck.
6.    THE 8TH WONDER – 100% stretch denim that moves and shapes your body.

Available in three different rises, there is something for everyone!

1.    JON JON: Live on the wild side with Sissy Boy’s low-rise fit. 

2.    AXEL: The mid-rise fit. They call this fit the denim sweet spot.


3.    RYDER: Push the fashion envelope with high-rise jeans for a fashion-forward look.

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