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Carducci South Africa

Carducci men's clothes were named after the flamboyant Italian poet Giosue Carducci. Mr. Carducci was well-known for his creative energy and appealing styles. His passion for fashion led to the development of the Carducci brand in the late 1980's. Carducci clothing quickly became the top designer brand for men in South Africa who appreciated the brand's originality. Today, the fashion-savvy man can purchase Carducci suits, dress shirts and trousers from Zando.

Carducci dress shirts are ideal for the corporate world as well as an evening of socializing. Most designs feature double-buttoned cuffs and long sleeves for a smart, sophisticated appearance. The way you dress at work says a lot about who you are. Let your boss and co-workers know that you are hardworking and dependable by wearing a dress shirt from Carducci. You can wear the same shirt out on a date to let you love interest know that you care about looking good for her.

When you really need to impress someone, step things up a notch with a suit from Carducci. You will exude confidence as you close a business deal, meet with a new client or give a presentation in front of dozens of busy professionals.

Formal trousers from Carducci help to complete your trendy corporate style. Managers, clients and even co-workers respect a professional working man who pays attention to his wardrobe. Make sure you're sending the right message by dressing in Carducci formal wear every day.