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D-Struct Clothing South Africa

D-Struct is a clothing company based in London that creates trendy street wear for the young fashionable man. The company was founded in 2010 to offer fresh trends for the guy who cares about how he looks. D-Struct chose to focus on three primary looks, including street wear, graphics inspired by rock music and cool heritage. Zando offers denim, jersey, knitwear and jackets created by D-Struct for the men of South Africa. With D-Struct fashions, it is entirely possible to dress in commercial fashion trends while maintaining your own unique sense of style.

Begin creating your street smart look by purchasing a printed t-shirt from Zando. D-Struct t-shirts are the ideal combination of timeless and contemporary. If you prefer not to have printing on your clothes, you can still look cool with a bold coloured or preppy striped t-shirt from D-Struct. For an urban look that is truly unique, pick up a hooded t-shirt with strings. The hood may throw people off and make them assume you are wearing a sweatshirt when you are really wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt. When you absolutely must dress it up a bit, a striped or solid coloured polo shirt from D-Struct will help you do it in style.