Dakotas | 12 Styles Found


Dakotas South Africa

At Zando, we are thrilled to bring you these stylish yet functional Dakotas shoes, now available in South Africa! Whether it is a high shine dress shoe or a more casual moccasin or boat shoes, we have the style of shoe you are seeking.

We think these Dakotas shoes are perfect for men and women because they can take you from a business meeting or formal social event straight into a more relaxed social setting. The high quality of the materials used in creating these shoes means that they will last and hold up to plenty of wear and tear. The beauty and pride of craftsmanship is evident in each pair of Dakotas shoes. Each stitch in these shoes is made with the utmost of care and precision.

Unlike other shoes, Dakotas are comfortable to wear even after being on your feet for many hours. In combining comfort with style, the Dakotas online product line we offer at Zando is sure to meet your needs for just about any casual occasion in your life. You can easily put your best foot forward whilst wearing a new pair of Dakotas shoes.