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Elizabeth Arden

She is known among all women around the world – because she created perfume for all women. At the turn of the century, Elizabeth Arden understood women’s desire to appear young and beautiful, and so she created new products and fragrances that very soon became mainstream and respected by many. And from then on Elizabeth Arden was a name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. What sets her apart from others is her understanding that it is not only the glamorous women who want to look beautiful and stylish. In the beginning, a variety of women were enchanted by Elizabeth Arden’s perfumes and colognes – from plain Janes to middle-aged women; from corporate working girls to famous film stars. In no time, Elizabeth Arden perfumes were worn by women all over the world who adored the enchanted scent that followed them wherever they went.

The Elizabeth Arden scent – it’s real.

You can now feel sophisticated & elegant, romantic & feminine with Zando’s huge selection of Elizabeth Arden Fragrances. Ladies, this is the queen of all fragrances – you want to add this to your already perfect look. Make the world your runway with Zando and Elizabeth Arden. Explore a variety of scents – some perfect for evening wear, some providing the ultimate femme fatale sexy scent. Find a romantic scent inspired by flower fields. With these light, fresh and summery scents, Elizabeth Arden will add that unique element to your cocktail dress, your designer jeans and those gorgeous high heels. Ladies, there has never been more reason for you to start shopping on Zando NOW!