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Essie South Africa

Whether you want to look polished and put together for a job interview or your goal is to look smoking hot on your next night out, a manicure can go a long way in achieving your objective. At Zando, we know that a manicure is only as good as the polish that you use. You might want to save money by doing your nails at home, but if they chip right away because of low-quality nail polish, then you are not really saving money. By starting with high-quality nail polish from the brand Essie, you know that every coat is designed to last.

If you have ever gotten a manicure or pedicure in a salon before, then you know that it involves more than just putting on a coat of coloured polish. Start by using the apricot cuticle oil by Essie to create a longer nail bed and reduce the chance of unattractive cuticles. Then, paint on a base coat to help enhance the final colour. The next part is the most fun, and you can choose from dozens of different colours for your polish. Some of the favourites sold by Essie nail polish include pale pink, dark blue, silver, purple, green and burgundy. If you can think of a colour, Essie probably makes a polish in that very shade. Finish off your salon-worthy pedicure or manicure with a clear top coat to protect the polish as long as possible.