Greyed Out


When you think of the colour grey, you think about the in-between, the perfect mix between black and white. It’s a stylish colour that goes with just about anything.

When wearing grey, apply the the same style rules as with white or black, but if you’re looking to be more than just a two tone mannequin, don’t be shy to layer your greys with more grey. It’s all the rage to be dressed from head to toe in the same colour, and if you can keep it to the same tone, that’s even better.


How to Style it

Whether you’re a street style star or a dapper dresser, take heed. When pairing greys, you can easily pull off just about anything. If you’re looking to go formal, pair a grey suit with a grey tie and a grey shirt but select different textures in order to distinguish between these garments. When you’re keeping it casual, pair your favourite grey cuffed track pants with a Tee and your beloved jacket.

You can’t go wrong with Grey.