From Subtle to Shimmer


Introducing the frosted colour palette. Achieve that soothing sophistication with a dab of shimmer to keep you looking fabulous through selecting the right combination of coats, shoes, accessories and more.

With the right set of colours working together, you’ll find that you can create stunning looks worthy of the runway. Carrying through from top to bottom, using accessories and shoes along with popular seasonal garbs, have a look at how you can turn your everyday favourites into a trendy look.


Mixing and matching

With a range of colours from pinks and greys to neutrals and nudes, you can create a style that isn’t too overstated but also won’t go unnoticed. Enjoy those wide brimmed hats with your long coats and by adding a bit of glimmer through accessorising with a pair of diamante earrings or glistening shoes, you’ll find yourself at the heart of this new trend.


Enhance the natural beauty you already possess with our range of neutral and nude shades. Often less can be more and with the current trends on the makeup scene, softer blushes and natural nudes are the way to go.