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FitFlop Shoes

FitFlop originated in 2004, when founder Marcia Kilgore joined forces with two bio mechanists from the Center for Human Performance at Southbank University in London. After spending more than two years developing their unique toning technology, FitFlops was born. The FitFlop brand originally offered only one style of sandal, available in three different colours, but have since expanded to include boots, slippers, shoes, and clogs. Every Fitflop product is outfitted with the Microwobbleboard Toning Technology, and the company continues in its aim of becoming the world's leading functional footwear brand.

Workout those feet with a pair of FitFlop Sandals

If you’ve been walking in circles looking for a pair of shoes that tone and tighten your leg muscles as you walk, then search no further. FitFlops is a brand of fitness footwear that offer a variety of toning benefits, and are designed to absorb shocks and reduce the stress on your ankles and knees. Keep those calf muscles in shape with a pair of Fitflop sandals, which are biomechanically engineered to help increase muscle activity and reduce aches in your hips and knees. With free postage and delivery directly to your door, you can choose your favourite FitFlop shoes for men as well as women in the comfort of your own home. Looking good has never felt so comfortable, and if you’re ready to step into style and improve the quality of life for your feet, enjoy some comfortable online shopping right here and now.