Franco Gemelli | 2 Styles Found


Franco Gemelli South Africa

To get all the style of European footwear without the designer prices, men and women alike are flocking to the great deals from the elegant footwear brand Franco Gemelli. Through Zando, you can scoop up more than 60 different shoe styles from men's dress shoes to women's boots, and you can get them all at surprisingly affordable rates. We know that shoppers will love the elegant, timeless look, and you will appreciate the Italian craftsmanship and the durable, high-end materials that go into each pair.

Men in office environments who are searching for professional and stylish footwear will want to keep their eyes open for the affordable options from Franco Gemelli. Some of the best-selling footwear styles for men include the Jadon dress shoes in black, the black loafers, the lace-up dress shoes in brown and the sleek black dress boots. Each pair goes with slacks as well as jeans, and they can help you transition from office to bar with style. Women will love the trendy platform heels and wedges that offer funky patterns and bold colours. During the winter, nothing could be better than the lace-up ankle boots with a chunky heel or the tri-colour ankle boots with a charming button detail. No matter what style of shoe you purchase from Franco Gemelli, you can rest assured that it is designed to last. Complete your wardrobe with stylish footwear from Franco Gemelli.