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Franks South Africa

Melbourne fashion designer Tim Garbis created Franks swim trunks in response to the lack of stylish options he saw in the marketplace. Mr. Garbis knew that men needed more choices for surf wear and board shorts. Franks swim trunks are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable. The artistic prints are quite distinctive when compared to other men's swim trunks on the market. Zando offers Franks board shorts and swim trunks in a variety of vibrant colours. This lets you keep your trendiness intact even when you're on the beach.

Franks board shorts and swim trunks give you freedom of movement while you catch the next wave or go for a swim. When you're done surfing for the day, throw on a pair of Franks casual shorts to keep your look consistent. Some Franks designs have multiple pockets for you to store your wallet, car keys and other essential items. Franks swim trunks are durable enough to swim in a fresh water environment or a pool with chlorine. Your Franks swim trunks can handle the demands, even if you go swimming every day. When you show up to the beach in a pair of Franks swim trunks or beach shorts, you don't have to let the ladies have all the fun.