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Globe footwear revolutionised the world of skateboarding apparel - their designs are fresh and totally in touch with the youth culture they represent. Globe sneakers are perfect if you want to give your normal jeans and tee look a funky and fresh boost. These shoes are versatile enough to get you from a smart party to the city sidewalks on your board and will keep you in style, whether you're a skater boy or a stylish modern man. As well as being really fabulous on the exterior, Globe shoes are also made for the upmost comfort and functionality. This brand has been doing this for the last 20 odd years. The founders have written books on skate boarding apparel and have become major creative consultants for the movie business regarding all things skateboarding. You can be sure that you are getting the ultimate in action sports footwear with Globe footwear.

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Globe International was established in the 1980s, born out of Hardcore Enterprises an Australia-based company specializing in products that appealed to the skateboard and youth culture markets. Peter and Stephen Hill, along with brother and current Globe International CEO Matt Hill, founded Hardcore in 1984 and it rapidly expanded to become one of the world's largest skateboard distribution companies. They are the epitome of action sports footwear and their shoes are completely in touch with the youth culture of today. They can be worn with a great plaid shirt and jeans for an awesome day look and aside from being really cool on the exterior, these shoes were made for comfort and functionality. With Zando you can get this great brand with free delivery and instant returns not to mention our revolutionary Cash on Delivery payment option.