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Holmes Bros South Africa

The name Holmes Bros may sound like a marketing gimmick, but it was actually founded by two brothers names Laurie and Gary from Durban, South Africa. They first made surfboards, but it wasn't long before their logo was being put on casual beachwear for surfers. No longer just a brand for serious surfers, Homes Bros lets anyone embrace the beachy, laid-back vibe of the coast through their wardrobe. At Zando, we are proud to offer a number of clothing items for men and women from Holmes Bros.

Although most of the clothing and accessories is geared toward men, there are still a handful of items that women will love. The T-shirts, in particular, are best sellers among those who like casual comfort that is still stylish and flattering. Look for the tops with the company logo, and show your pride for South Africa with these locally-made items. Men will appreciate the soft worn cotton of the vintage-style tees from Holmes Bros, and the funky prints on the front can be a fun nod to your creative side. Round out the outfit with a pair of durable and fashionable Masa jeans in a dark blue wash that works for casual days off from work or a trendy bar. To look like you just got out of the surf, even if you live nowhere near the coast, embrace the beach fashion of Holmes Bros.