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Jolidon South Africa

Jolidon lingerie and swimwear for women was founded in Romania in 1993. Gabriel Cling started the company to give women more choices in underwear and swimsuits. The brand took off and was available in more than 100 stores by the following year. Women appreciate the sexy, frilly undergarments by Jolidon because it allows them to embrace their feminine natures. Zando now offers Jolidon products in South Africa. If you're tired of the same old routine when it comes to lingerie and swimwear, take a chance and change things up a bit. You won't regret it.

Your underwear collection can be just as glamorous as the rest of your clothes. Choose a floral print lace design with bows for a truly girly girl look or a pair of vintage fairy high briefs with a detachable garter to really turn on the charm. It is easy to flatter your silhouette with a form-fitting corset from Jolidon. No matter which dress you choose to put on over it, a Jolidon corset draws attention to your bust and waistline. Bras from Jolidon are both fashionable and functional. The shoulder straps are thick and adjustable, which is ideal for women with large cup sizes. Each bra has embroidered detail to bring our your sexy and flirty side. Shop for Jolidon online at