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Designed & hand made in Cape Town SA. The loosely fitted non-european® FUNNEL SCARF is as good as GOLD! Its thick luxurious knitted fabric is all kinds of comfortable and will have you on cloud number nine all day long! This minimalistic style with its premium genuine leather trims is versatile and ideal for the discerning individual who wants to look good and feel comfortable.

Textile: 50% Rayon 25% Poly 25% Nylon

As Good as Gold initially referred to something that was real and genuine. Today it is informally used to say

1.   nothing better is possible or available

2.   something is as good as it gets - very good and cannot be improved

Cloud nine      /ˈklaʊd ˈnaɪn/         noun

1.   A state of blisselation or happiness

2.   A state of fantastic or impractical dreaming or thinking

Synonyms: (state of bliss): cloud number nineseventh heaven 

Key features: Comfortable TRENDING STYLE

Classic yet oh so trendy - this high-quality scarf is just what you need this season and it won’t go out of fashion or wear out before the next season either!

‘We recommend adding a matching non-european® beanie.

Apart from the matching beanie and unisex jerseys non-european® also specifically developed KIDS & BABY BEANIES so parents can get the look for the whole family! 

non-european® is an Authentic African brand, loyal to the unique natural quality, simplicity and elegance of The South African continent and its people. Designers Louis & Tarien Erasmus use their creative skill to positively impact their continent, its people and economy through job creation.

‘Our small in-house production team takes pride in their work and are inspired to use their creative skill as a means to empower and encourage individuals. May your purchase empower and encourage you as you live life in it – remembering it is real & genuine / as good as it gets and will have you in a state of bliss!’

Why Rayon?

‘We love Rayon because it conveys luxury. We often choose to work with Rayon because it has a nice drape, a lustrous finish, and a soft feel that is easy to dye. Unlike polyester, Rayon is highly absorbent & highly breathable – ideal for high-quality jerseys where breathability is essential for ease.’ 

How to care for my Rayon garment? 

‘Wash your Rayon knitwear with care. We recommend a gentle low temperature washing cycle with mild detergents. Do not tumble dry Rayon – rather hanging it out to dry.’

Why is our Rayon knitwear expensive?

‘Rayon blend knits are highly sought after because of the properties listed above. We import these exquisite knits which adds a great deal to the cost’



  • Color: Black Knit
  • Main Material: 50%Rayon 25%Poly 25%Nylon

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non-european Funnel Scarf Black Knit

non-european Funnel Scarf Black Knit

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