Affiliate Marketing Program

Recommend Zando products and earn with every order.


Earn a competitive rates of 9%, and receive regular special offers for consumers & publishers.

Performance Incentives

For the number of actions equal to or greater than a specified number, commission can be increased per action.

Personalised solutions

A large collection of advertising material, as well as individual advertising material available on request.


Enjoy fast and personal affiliate support from the Zando partner program. Our team is on standby to help whenever needed.

How it works

Apply for the Zando partner program

Apply for the Zando partner program via AdMarula! We will then review your application. Please wait to be accepted to our program.

Once approved, choose from our wide selection of attractive advertising media and select the best ones suitable for you to integrate onto your website. The Zando affiliate team will happily assist you. Start earning commission on every sale!

Commission and Payments

How much money can I earn?

Earn money easily! For each transaction that runs through your website, you will be paid a sales commission of 9%. Sales will be processed within 45 days after receipt of the order.

How does the payment take place?

Within 45 days Zando verifies the orders and confirms, amends or declines the transactions. After processing, the payout is carried out by AdMarula! directly to the partner.

Advertising Media


Choose from a selection of Zando advertising media. It is important that you choose a banner that fits your target audience. For example a banner for women's shoes will only achieve minor success on a website frequently visited by men. Besides the selection of an appropriate banner, size and location are also considerable factors. Choose a format that directly attracts people and display it in a clearly visible position on your website.


Use short, distinctive text links that encourage your users to click and spark their interest in buying.


If you are in need of special banners, other promotional materials or unique content for your individual website please do get in touch with us at [email protected]

Registration & policies

What do I need to consider?

Our policies regulate the rights and duties between the website operator and Please read our restrictions carefully in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Who can I contact?

For questions regarding the Zando partner program we are available. If you have your own ideas or suggestions on how to effectively promote out program – please contact us. We are happy to make individual arrangements for you.

Email us at: [email protected]