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Puma Performance South Africa

Puma Performance is a leading sports lifestyle company that was founded in 1948. The company is committed to contributing peace, sustainability and creativity to the world. Puma Performance promises its customers that it will always be fair, honest, positive and creative in every action it takes as a company. Zando carries a complete line of Puma Performance sporting apparel for the active and fashion-conscious man or woman. The Puma Performance brand is available in 120 different countries, including South Africa.

Just because you're working out or being active in another way doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. The Puma Performance track suit with pants and jacket are an ideal way to stay comfortable while looking trendy. Puma Performance products are as practical as they are appealing to the eye. For example, the company's sports bra provides a snug, breathable fit to prevent sweat from pooling up while you are running. Workout shorts from Puma Performance offer the ultimate in comfort and convenience. The elastic waistband moves with you as you swing your racquet or shoot baskets. Every Puma Performance clothing item has the company's logo in the corner, letting others know that your sense of fashion is as important as your game.