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Selected Clothes South Africa

Selected is a clothing manufacturer that was launched in 1997 exclusively in the men's wear market. In 2008, the company decided to create a clothing line for women. Today, you can find fashionable clothing by Selected for both genders as well as unisex clothing. Zando carries coats, shirts, slacks, sweaters, skirts and more made by Selected. Clothes for women sometimes carry the label of Selected Femme. The company caters to strong metropolitan women who refuse to take a submissive role in life.

When you shop at Zando, you can dress in Selected clothing from head to toe. Start with a long-sleeved top with a classically cut bodice. The low necklines of Selected blouses allow you to show off your latest necklace without taking the attention away from your outfit. Next, choose a colourful pair of jeans with a permanent crease to make an irreverent fashion statement. The zippered pockets are something else that you don't see every day. Lastly, complete your look with a Selected leather jacket or cardigan sweater. Add a feminine touch to your leather jacket to make it uniquely your own. Also, keep in mind that Selected sweaters are not what your grandmother used to wear. These thigh-length, V-neck sweaters keep you warm and get you noticed. Both the sweater and the jacket give you a classic rock and roll lock that will be the envy of your peers.