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Solle South Africa

Zando strives to provide you with the greatest selection of footwear for all occasions with brands like Solle, now available here in South Africa. From athletic designs to evening footwear, we address your comprehensive range of needs. Solle is particularly well-known for its emphasis on exceptional style and materials, providing you with lots of function and options as you coordinate with specific outfits or with your wardrobe in general. You will enjoy browsing our selection of listings from Solle, and you'll love being able to round out your wardrobe with beautiful designs and comfortable wear.

Solle provides you with colour choices that can be used to coordinate with specific outfits. You'll also find that some options include neutral hues for a variety of apparel needs and settings. You can select comfortable flats for those days that require you to look great while spending a lot of time on your feet. You'll also find heeled designs for enhancing your height. Look for contemporary boots, sandals and pumps as you consider different ways to expand your wardrobe. Don't miss casual options like loafers and athletic shoes for your days of leisure. Examine elegant sandals for upcoming holiday plans. Solle designs are perfect throughout the year, and they make great fashion gifts as well.