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Embrace the Star within with Thierry Mugler

Theirry Mugler was born in Strasbourg in 1948 and joined the Ballet of the National Rhine Opera at age 14, dancing as a professional for six years. It was here that he developed his sense for the theatrical and during this time that he began designing his own clothing. At the age of 22 he began working as a freelance designer for various ready-to-wear fashion houses everywhere from Paris to Milan and Barcelona. Theirry Mugler created his own label in 1974, introducing an innovation in form and materials. Today Theirry Mugler works with a variety of well-known figures, including singers Beyonce' and Lady Gaga. His studio also produces a wide variety of products, including designs for boats and even a concept car, all with the unique sense of style and design he brings to his bottles and clothing with organic, curved lines and few sharp edges.

Recently, Theirry Mugler branched out into the arena of high-fashion fragrances and has found a high degree of success with his fragrances which can cloak in in a delightful aroma sure to make people take notice. Here at Zando we are glad to bring Theirry Mugler designer fragrances with their uniquely designed bottles to South Africa and to you. Not only are the scents unique and inspiring, but the bottles themselves are a work of art with graceful organic lines or a star-shaped design.