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Tomato South Africa

Although most people can check the time on their smart phone or their tablet computer in a moment's notice, the watch is still a classic part of any stylish ensemble. Sure, it can tell you the time, but it is about more than that. It is a way to show the world who you are in one small way. Even if you have a job where you have to wear a uniform or a professional suit every day, you can still show off your quirky side with a funky watch in a bold colour or unique design. At Zando, we offer an impressive collection of Tomato , each of which can help you stand out from the crowd in a different way.

Tomato is a South African brand, and it was founded so that people who like to look stylish and have fun could find affordable watches that were still high-quality. Their watches are inexpensive enough that you can buy several to wear with various outfits, but they are durable enough to last for several years of wear with minimal care. Designed for both men and women, most of the Tomato Watches come with bursts of colour. While you can find some more classic looks like the plastic analogue watch in brown or the metal woven strip watch in black, you might prefer the funkier offerings like the dial watches in bright green or hot pink.