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Tomy Takkies South Africa

Whether it’s a play day at the park or a fun day at school, kids love Tomy Takkies sneakers. Available in a variety of rainbow colors like bubblegum pink, sky turquoise and classic white, these sneakers will add some pop to any outfit. Lace it up and kick off for some fun in comfort and style. Tomy Takkies sneakers are designed with a comfortable sole that puts bounce in one’s strut. Pair it up with one of Tomy’s colourful t-shirts and overalls and fashion diva is born.

Kids and parents will also fall in love with Tomy Takkies sandals. Velcro ensures that kids can go it on their own with gearing up. Tomy Takkies sandals also feature a flex sole for comfort and great style for a great look. Boys can get a handsome look with colours like grey and deep green. Gals can enjoy a girly look in pretty pinks and lavenders.