Xcalibur | 28 Styles Found


Xcalibur South Africa

It is not hard to find men's jewellery and accessories that looks amazing, but it is significantly harder to find pieces that are both attractive and affordable. By using specific materials when crafting their stunning pieces, brands like Xcalibur are able to offer their products at surprisingly low prices. Here at Zando, we know that staying trendy is important, and we offer a range of Xcalibur accessories to complete any outfit. Whether you are looking for cufflinks to gift the groomsmen at your wedding, a trendy pendant necklace or a ring that symbolises commitment and still looks masculine, accessories from Xcalibur could be the perfect fit.

Some of the hottest accessories from Xcalibur are the pendant necklaces. You can find some ordinary men's designs like crosses and dog tags, but you will also love the unusual styles like the earphones and the skulls. If you are searching for a masculine ring for your wedding or just as an accessory, then try on the Celtic stainless steel ring, the triple layer faux-silver ring or the three-tone ring. Other stylish accessories with an edge include the rectangular cufflinks, the black woven bracelet with stainless steel beads, the navy blue rubber bracelet with metallic accents and the black hoop earrings with faux-silver detailing. For accessories that don't look feminine, you should explore the Zando collection of bracelets, rings and pendants on chains from the Xcalibur brand.