Yarra Trail | 13 Styles Found


Yarra Trail Clothing South Africa

The Australian brand Yarra Trail was originally founded in 1984 as a menswear company, but in 1996 they began offering clothing for women. Over the past 20 years, Yarra Trail has become one of the leading brands for women's clothing, and we are proud to offer an extensive collection of their designs right here at Zando. These clothes are designed with a modern woman in mind, and each piece can stand up to the challenges of life without slowing you down. Whether you are retired and enjoy keeping active through walking and gardening or you are a career woman who still makes comfort a priority, you will love the fashion and relaxed feel of clothing from Yarra Trail.

Just because Yarra Trail pieces are designed to be comfortable, it doesn't mean that you have to miss out on style. You will love the lightweight frilled vest with a Mandarin collar, and it pairs beautifully with both the white capri jeans and the black linen pants. Inject some colour into your everyday life with items like the vibrant summer dress in lemongrass yellow, the pink printed dress or the mesh wrap top in scarlet. Clothing from Yarra Trail is the perfect way to look great when you are staying active, and the subtle trends keep you feeling stylish on the go. For shorts, pants, vests and dresses, Yarra Trail has it all.