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How-To Shop Smart This Black Friday | South Africa

Black Friday online sales have become an essential part of our holiday season shopping traditions. Prepare for slashed prices on clothing, shoes and accessories and much more! It’s an incredible opportunity to buy gifts – for loved ones and yourself – at a fraction of the usual price. With just over a month to the big day ( 27 November 2020 ), we cannot contain our excitement! For all of us bargain hunters, getting hold of the biggest discounts on the best products is our common goal. But, with so many sales, even the most seasoned of shoppers end up overwhelmed. To be certain we’ve prepared you well for the biggest and best Black Friday sale of 2020, we’ve compiled a list of 6 how-to shop tips to get you in tip-top shape to surf this Black Friday.

TIP #1 Register as a customer

It’s best to save your details so that you can get online fast. By creating an account before-hand, you’re given the chance to save your payment details ahead of time instead of doing it under the pressure that is Black Friday. Remember, items are not reserved when placed in your cart so keeping them warm in there won’t stop someone else from picking the same item and running off with it. Your purchase is only secured at checkout.

TIP #2 Download the app

Having the app on your phone is key! Allow for push notifications so you’re instantly notified when the deals go live. Download the app here.

BONUS! app users usually get extra discounts throughout the year.

TIP #3 Make a wishlist

A wise man once said, “failing to plan is like planning to fail”. This holds true to shopping any and all online sales as well. Plan ahead by creating a wishlist; sorting all of your favourite items into one easy-to-find place. With all of your must-haves on one list, you won’t risk losing your must-haves to someone who was quicker when the sale hits.

TIP #4 Wake up early

Make sure you’re ready and waiting for the sale to go live. You do not want to miss out on insane deals, still rubbing your eyes, while the hottest items go flying off our virtual shelves. Remember, the early bird catches the worm.

TIP #5 Use bookmarking to keep track

Staying organised is crucial on a day as hectic as Black Friday. If you’re really emotionally invested in your purchase (and who isn’t?), we’re sure you’ll spend a considerable amount of time on B-day comparing prices across online stores. Make use of your devices “bookmark” function to easily switch between sites. To save you time and effort, we’re just going to let you know that we’ve got the biggest, best deals.

TIP #6 Teamwork makes the dream work

Gather your friends and family, and consider a divide and conquer strategy. Coordinate, with each member targeting a different category scouring for the best deals. We sure do hope you have a big team as we have many categories to shop!

Congratulations, you have now graduated as an online shopping pro and are ready to tackle the biggest sale of the year! Here you can find more advantages to shopping online. Check out Zando’s Black Friday A-Z list.

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