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Bear Underwear - South Africa

At Zando, we offer fashionable men’s body shorts and underwear by Bear. Featured in all of the men’s fashion magazines and South Africa, guys can get a great fit along with a great style. Even popular celebs like Justin Timberlake gear it up in Bear. Bear’s briefs are designed for macho comfort. In 100 percent cotton, you get a snug and soft fit to feel and look your very best.

Even though no one is looking, you’ll look great in Bear’s undergarments. Gear it up in style with a trendy pair of grey or black league briefs with trimming in pop orange and deep purple with the Bear logo. Go classic with an undergarment look in grey, charcoal or black with a pack of color-block designed briefs with matching ribbing. Getting a snug and supportive fit is a slam dunk. Pair it up with some grungy jeans or cargo pants, and you’ll be sporting your great looks with an irresistible appeal.

Like Justin Timberlake would say, get your sexy on with a pair of Bear’s mini-briefs. With both low and high cuts, you’ll be donning a sculptured look. All around, these mini-briefs are ideal whether you’re up for a game of soccer or strolling the city’s streets. Get savvy and gear up with a pair of Bear’s.