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Starting off from humble beginnings on one of the street corners of California, Vans started off as a rubber company, specializing in the making of shoes on-premises. The rugged design and sticky sole soon caught the eyes of skateboarders and the “Era” sneaker was invented. The side stripe followed, to soon become the iconic hallmark of the brand.

Despite starting off as a top skateboarders sneaker choice, Vans has made a name for itself on the foreground of street and lifestyle fashion and is very popular on the casual front of style. With a primary focus on extreme sports, Vans soon became popular in the skateboarding, BMX, surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, freestyle motocross, and supercross industries, catering to the need for durable footwear that could keep up with the extreme movements of professional athletes.

Vans popularity grew and soon found the brand in the worlds of high-fashion and premium design with their “Vault by Vans” collection, still focusing solely on Sneakers and footwear. After 40 years of success in the footwear industry, Vans decided to launch its own apparel collection for both men and women.

Now with a range for clothing from classic tees, jackets, caps, wallets, pants and more on top of the iconic skater sneakers, Vans’ constant fresh designs and special collections have street-style enthusiasts investing in the brand daily and Zando is a big fan too, stocking a range of favourites so that you can stay on the forefoot of casual and niche style.