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Reebok was founded by J.W. Foster and Sons in in 1895 in GB. In 1924, the company manufactured running shoes for the athletes in the Olympic Games. In 1958 two grandsons of the founders founded a joint venture under the name Reebok. In 1979, Reebok shoes conquered the American market and were considered the most expensive running shoes available at the time.Today Reebok is not only known for its sports and running shoes but also for its modern leisure shoes and the aerobic shoe line for women. Safe and healthy jogging or running is guaranteed. Reebok comes from the word Rhebok, the name of the African antelope. Antelopes are fast, skillful animals – the choice of name probably wasn’t a coincidence for the sport label.

Reebok Shoes

Whether for sports, for strolling or casually for work or at uni – people simply feel good in Reebok shoes and they give the outfit a sporty casual flair. The Reebok shoe collection has captured the hearts of all sports fans for a long time – Reebok clothing is colourful, functional and diversified. Take a look at all the items from Reebok in the Zando Sports Shop, and choose your favourite. With free postage delivery directly to your door, you can choose your favourite Reebok shoe in the comfort of your own home and at your own leisure. Should you have any further questions regarding Reebok, our Service Team is sure to be able to assist you. Reebok, the true athlete amongst shoes. Run safely to the finish line with Reebok!