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Birkenstock South Africa

Whether you love sandals or clogs, you'll love the Birkenstock line. Birkenstock shoes are especially well-known for their quality construction and an emphasis on supporting the structure of the foot, and you can pick out a stylish pair from Zando.co.za

The Birkenstock design elements are connected to a German shoemaker from the late 1700s. A relative later created the contoured design elements that have become associated with the brand. The line as we know it today was the result of many elements being pulled together by Karl Birkenstock in the 1960s, and the distinct appearance of these popular shoes is often associated with the free-spirited sense that accompanied the decade.

You'll find that Birkenstock South Africa designs are perfect for casual wear at home or when you are out. Great for spring and summer use, the sturdy sandals can also be worn with heavy socks for comfort and support during colder weather. You'll appreciate some of the transitions in more recent designs from the company, especially the emphasis on combining delicate sandal straps with lightweight soles to create more feminine options for women. However, traditional Birkenstock designs with or without socks are always in vogue for fans of all ages.