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The leader in sport and sport-leisure fashion, adidas has been pioneers in the industry. Founded in 1984, adidas has been taking great strides and expanding its reach globally and now has reached production rates of 1.1 billion in sports and sports lifestyle products. Adidas strives to bring the best in both technical and lifestyle innovations, knowing that even the top athletes enjoy a little downtime. Driven by the goal of being the leading number one company in sportswear, adidas puts a strong focus on only bringing the best designs and quality to their stores around the world.

At Zando, we strive for that same level of quality and for this reason stock a range of adidas products, from adidas sneakers, running, and leisure to adidas clothing tops, adidas jackets, pants, adidas deodorants and more. In fact, you could easily build an entire adidas wardrobe from the wide range they have to offer. From sneakers that offer a comfortable street style to the heavy-duty runners and highly technical modern builds that even the greatest athlete makes use of, adidas caters to better living and lifestyles through its approach in sports fashion.

With a rich history in providing footwear to athlete’s, footwear worthy of gold medals, to the growth and expansion into lush clothing—further improving on the athlete’s abilities—sports attire has always been at the forefront of adidas and Zando is a keen team player, stocking all you need to take the lead. Start with the most modern technical footwear catered to protecting your foot’s ergonomics and work your way up, from socks, to track pants, t-shirts and even protective jackets and there is even a wide assortment of accessories to round it all off from top to bottom in the iconic 3-Stripes brand.