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iPanema Flip Flops South Africa

The iPanema flip flops are a global fashion phenomena featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Footwear Plus. These fashion-forward flip flops are available now in South Africa, and we’re thrilled to offer these stylish sandals to our valued fashionistas at Zando. Not only is mainstream America donning these fun and flirty flip flops, celebs like Jennifer Anniston are pairing them up for bohemian dresses and fun fedoras for a chic look.

iPanema makes flips flops that are not only cool looking, they are comfortable and practical. Crafted from patented super-soft Melfex plastic, these flip flops feature an anatomic in-step for extra support and comfort. Having a full foot wardrobe of iPanema flip flop is the ideal way to walk fancy free in comfortable fashion. Kick it up with a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from, including popping purple, girly pink, deep turquoise and shiny orange. Each flip flop features an eccentric diamond print on the foot sole. Trendy embellishments of sparkling jewellery and feminine bows add to the original detail.

iPanema flip flops are the go anywhere footwear. Whether you’re heading out for some sun, sand and surf fun at the beach or an alfresco lunch, these flip flops will get you looking runway chic. They are a fashion must-have for girls who like be comfortable without a compromise to style.