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Converse South Africa

Converse makes sneakers and clothing for those who live creatively, optimistically and rebelliously. What makes the Converse designers so unique is because of the fact that they exist to provoke and inspire in the same way that their customers inspire them. The Converse brand has impressed the international population ever since 1908, when Marquis Mills Converse decided to start a rubber shoe company. The Converse company and its employees think of their journey as "a bunch of cool stories that have led us to where we are and will show us where we'll go.” Converse has been creating a presence ever since we could remember, by thinking differently, loving people who want to change the world for the better and basically celebrating the spirit of rebellion and originality in basketball, Rock & Roll and anywhere else you find it.Buy Converse online today.

Converse Sneakers – now on Zando

Zando now allows you to purchase this magnificent footwear brand online, with free delivery. Discover a huge selection of Converse shoes that are suitable for women, men and kids. Comfort, style and uniqueness are all rolled into one, when it comes to Converse All-Stars. Wear Converse sneakers with almost any outfit, on almost any occasion. With Converse, it's that simple to achieve the ultimate, urbanised street style. Explore classic, vintage-inspired, Converse sneakers that are the perfect,casual shoes to wear with every casual outfit. With their unique design and old-school appeal, they are trendy and a must-have for all-year-round wear. Get your favourite Converse sneakers on Zando to lead the street style life you love. With FREE delivery and returns, it’s just to easy to buy Converse online.