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Oakley South Africa

Oakley manufactures sunglasses, prescription eyewear, goggles, footwear, apparel and various fashion accessories. The company was founded by world-class athletes with athletes in mind. Oakley prides itself on identifying problems and creating new inventions to solve them. Best of all, every Oakley product has an artistic flair. Oakley has been awarded more than 600 patents and sells its products in 110 countries. Zando is happy to offer Oakley sunglasses and other products to customers in South Africa. The style and colour choices of these unique sunglasses are nearly endless.

A cool pair of sunglasses is just what the fashionable man needs to complete his ensemble. Oakley sunglasses are lightweight and interchangeable, which means that you can switch up your look in a matter of seconds. The tinted lenses provide complete protection against UVA, UVB, UVC and other blue lights up to 400m. Oakley shades are made with polarized lenses that block up to 99 percent of harmful rays from the sun. You don't have to let the sun's blinding glare slow down your game when you put on a cool-looking pair of sunglasses from Oakley.

Zando offers several different colours of Oakley sunglasses, including red, black, brown and pink. Anyone can throw on a pair of typical sunglasses, but it takes a stylish man to pull off the confident look of Oakley shades. You will arouse the curiosity of everyone around you with your unusually tinted sunglasses.