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Ray-Ban® South Africa

Ray-Ban® is one of the most popular brands in outdoor eyewear because of its commitment to both style and quality. The Ray-Ban® Never Hide campaign is an example of the brand's innovative marketing, emphasizing the fact that life doesn't have to be halted because of the sun's glare. The company's design team is dedicated to innovation and quality, providing lightweight designs that are flexible, comfortable, durable and hypoallergenic.

With RayBan® sunglasses, you can opt for lens designs that enhance your facial features. You'll find the innovative use of contemporary colour choices in both frames and lenses. Look for styles that will work for a variety of activity needs, or opt for designs that coordinate specifically with a certain outfit. You'll find that the brand excels at keeping pace with the latest trends in eyewear, and you'll often discover that Ray-Ban® leads the way in designing and defining style for the hip crowd. Watch for folding options like the Aviator. You'll also love the availability of Ray-Ban originals that stand the test of time. Your selection from the line is an investment in long-lasting fashion and eye protection.