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Urbanart South Africa

Urbanart shoes and boots are loud, daring and fiercely independent. It is a free-spirited iconic brand made for men who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Urbanart interprets fashion in its own way and makes no apologies for it. The footwear is made with durable materials to produce a look that no other manufacturer can duplicate. Zando offers casual shoes, dress shoes and boots by Urbanart for the fashion-conscious man. Even when you're wearing a pair of Urbanart work boots, your sense of self shines through.

As a fashionable man, you never seem to run out of surprises. Just when your crowd thinks they have you figured out, you invent a new style. Keep them guessing with a pair of suede casual dress shoes with Old England charm. Another option is bright blue casual brogues for almost any occasion. One day you can be the preppy college boy in Urbanart loafers and the next you can look like a country boy in cowboy boots. Urbanart doesn't overlook any details, even down to the intricate design patterns on its boots and shoes. For those extra chilly days, choose a pair of high-top boots to keep out the wind.