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Reebok has been a subsidiary footwear brand for the German giant, adidas since 2005, but has since managed to build a strong name and reputation for itself within the sporting industry, even becoming the official sponsor to CrossFit. Reebok became increasingly well known among athletes and soon famous by the use of star 100m Olympic champion Harold Abrahams. The shoes, still today, feature the iconic union jack flag on some designs, paying homage to its roots, having started in Britain.

Reebok started off strong as a sporting shoe expert and still maintains its lead in providing top athletic choices. Whether you are looking for a trail or road running shoe or a tennis and court friendly option, you are sure to find the shoe with just enough cushioning and engineering to suit your needs.Now the official CrossFit sponsor, Reebok also excels at providing athletic options that cater to the high demands of crossfit training, with responsive and high-tech modern footwear that keeps your performance in line with A-grade results.

Not only are they a fore-runner in sportswear, but the brand has also started to delve into the modern realm of casual and leisure footwear. Their soft cushioning and sleek designs still bring that sought-after sport style, but with all the modern looks and flourishes of a classic street-style sneakers. Combining their design innovations such as the zigzag foam soles, with modern low cut silhouettes and sleek lines, Reebok has established itself in the fashion industry as a top tier footwear provider.

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