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The founder of ALDO, Aldo Bensadoun came from a background of shoe business within the family, making him the perfect person to start up his own—with deep-rooted knowledge and passion, ALDO was started with the primary goals of compassion, ethics, and understanding of its customers.

Putting compassion and ethics first, ALDO brings a different perspective to modern fashion and has become known as the brand that cares—the brand with a conscience—influencing society in social responsibility through it’s fashion.

Today ALDO finds itself to be one of the leading fashion retailers and have built a name that is associated with trendy, modern and luxury items. They have expanded their global presence to over 3000 points of sale across all continents other than Antartica. Equipped with undoubtable knowledge in the shoe industry, ALDO speciallises in the production and distribution of quality footwear from Sandals to heels, mules, boots, sneakers and more for both men and women.

The options don’t stop there. ALDO also excels at accessories, bringing options of rings, bags, sunglasses and other jewellery bits that bring a conclusive finish to an outfit. Find all that this caring brand has to offer, right here at Zando.