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Baobab Accessories

The Baobab tree is an essential part of African culture - a symbol of strength,wisdom,health,long life ,and beauty.

Like the Baobab our highly skilled team, have hundreds of years of experience to draw from. Our Baobab handcrafted accessories are of an exceptional standard which radiate beauty, long life and strength. They are fully manufactured in Cape Town South Africa out of quality leathers.

There are many legends associated with the Baobab tree.

One such legend is as follows.

The Baobab was one of the first trees to appear in the land. Next came the slender, graceful palm tree, it cried to be taller. Then the beautiful flame tree appeared with its red flowers and the baobab was envious for the blossoms. When the baobab saw the magnificent fig tree it prayed for fruit as well. The gods became angry with the baobab and pulled it up by its roots then replanted it upside down to keep it quiet.

In time the tree became stronger and helped the African people thrive, as they too grew more resilient.

It is precisely this resilience that drives our special craftsmen to create and offer you such a special product.