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Birthstone Bracelets

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Gemini signs, born
between the dates of May 21st and June 21st, are playful, curious, intellectual
and often chatty and quick-witted.  Represented
by the Twins, Gemini signs are the perfect mix of the yin and the yang,
many jokes that they have an alter ego that makes up their persona.  Gemini signs seek diversity, enthralling
themselves in projects and activities of all kinds.  They are truly the jack-of-all-trades, living
with the intention of discovering their own version of the truth.  Gemini is an air element, notorious for
their incredible lightness of being. Connecting with one of your Gemini stones
enhances your strengths and supports you through any weaknesses.

Two of the best stones
for Gemini are Moonstone and Agate. Connecting with an agate stone keeps you grounded and
stable, rooting yourself deep within the Earth.  It’s infinite dimension and multiple layers
bring hidden messages to light, helping you to process it as it comes.  Blue
lace agate also be a strong ally to soothe your nerves, because Gemini
signs are often characteristically anxious.  A moonstone stone represents the
things that are constantly shifting and changing to bring new opportunities
into your life.  The duo of agate and
moonstone ensures that you are not pulled in too many different directions,
creating emotional and spiritual balance in your life.

The Gemini mind is
curious and quick-witted.  However, these
pluses can also result in mental stress and an overactive mind. Keep aquamarine close by to calm
your mind and keep it from going at a million miles per minute.

A powerful heart chakra
stone, Aquamarine is also known for helping overcome fears and
phobias that are holding the spirited Gemini back from their true potential.  The Gemini has an adventurous spirit, which
gets a boost from aquamarine, the stone that symbolizes the expansive oceans of
the planet.  When the Gemini gets
involved in a project, the healing properties of aquamarine help to boost
courage, confidence, and self-love, all the things they need to make their
dreams come true.

The motivated, up for
anything attitude of the Gemini also benefits from the powerful energy of Tiger’s Eye, the stone of
mental strength and determination.  Known
for a sunny and cheerful disposition, Gemini signs get a spiritual boost from Citrine, which helps
to reignite the fiery cauldron of desire that radiates from the sacral chakra.



  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: Other

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Birthstone Bracelets - Gemini Bracelet Unisex One Size Fits All

Birthstone Bracelets - Gemini Bracelet Unisex One Size Fits All

R 299