Black Friday Deals Coming SOON...

Black Friday deals for 2017 are over. Thank you for the support! Keep an eye out for some more exciting campaigns coming soon.

What is Black Friday?

It’s simply the day after Thanksgiving (a holiday celebrated by Americans) and has traditionally been seen as the the start of Christmas or holiday shopping season. This might be the reason it became a huge shopping event, with people preparing for the holidays, although the price drops are certainly also a big contribution. In recent times it’s become a well-known global event of massive proportions that people look forward to. In fact the adoption of the event from e-commerce sites has seen Black Friday reach new heights thanks to the immense deals on offer. It’s grown beyond just a one-day occasion, as retailers now offer specials for up to a week long. Besides the main event, another day to look out for is Cyber Monday where deals, predominantly online, are said to drop even further. For Zando, it has become one of the biggest days of the year which always brings massive results thanks to the superdeals on offer.

When is Black Friday?

In 2018, Black Friday will fall on November 23th. Naturally, the Monday that follows will be Cyber Monday.

Why is it called Black Friday?

It is a term coined in modern times, however, it has to do with traditional business and how they used to do do their accounting and fill in their books. And it’s a reference dating back to when companies would move from being in the red (making a loss) to being in the black ( making a profit). It originated from Philadelphia but soon spread across America and then into the world as the common name for the day.