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Enzolini South Africa

Zando provides you with a wide variety of quality shoes from the Enzolini collection to address a range of wardrobe needs. Your choice of Enzolini shoes can reflect your preferences in colour, comfort and style. We also provide you with great value and variety for children in the line. Whether you are preparing for a dressy occasion or for casual needs, you'll love the options available here at Zando.

Explore the trendy boot collection from Enzolini as you coordinate with your skinny jeans or mini skirt. You'll find luxurious suede, eye-catching metallic finishes and bold buckles and ties. Our collection of Enzolini wedges allows you to achieve the sense of height that you want as you complete a dress or casual outfit. If you prefer to wear a style that enhances both comfort and appearance, you'll love options like flat soles in pumps or boots. You'll also appreciate low-heeled wedges and slip-on sandals. The line provides you with a beautiful rainbow of colour choices in many different heel and shoe styles, enabling you to express yourself from head to toe. Metal embellishments are eye-catching and wonderful for adding that extra bit of elegance to your wardrobe. Look for children's shoes and sandals as well, perfect for enabling your tot to dress up in style.