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Jarmin South Africa

Many men find it difficult to find attractive casual shoes. While there is no short supply of professional and suit shoes, the casual option is all too often just running shoes or white-soled sports shoes. There is certainly nothing wrong with those types of athletic shoes, but you might prefer something a little more sophisticated for your time spend out of the gym. Thankfully, the brand Jarmin has designed some comfortable shoes to fill the middle ground between exercise and the office. Whether you want shoes for a casual night with friends or a walk in the park, these shoes could be the perfect fit.

Here at Zando, we offer a wide range of casual footwear for men by the brand Jarmin. One of the most popular styles is the lace-up Brocton shoe, which has laces and lots of support around the ankle for walking or even basic hiking. The Donner casual shoe is another everyday favourite, but this one is a slip-on and comes in a rich brown colour. The Gibson sandal is the perfect footwear for a trip to the beach, and they slip on and off in seconds but still give you the comfort and support you demand from shoes. The Cooper outdoor shoe and the outdoor sandal are the perfect fit for men who like to stay active on the lake, fishing on the river or just exploring outdoors in the warm summer weather.