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Kenzo Perfume

The House of KENZO was founded in Paris in 1970 by Takada Kenzo. He entered and astonished the fashion industry with his innovation and his celebration of diverse cultures, nature and colours in his designs. 2008 saw Kenzo celebrating his 20th anniversary in the fragrance industry by creating a limited edition fragrance, Vintage Edition, which celebrated the 1970s, the decade in which the brand was founded. Following his success in the 1970s, he launched new collections for men, women and children before creating KENZO PARFUMS in 1987 and launching his first women’s fragrance in 1988, “ça sent beau,” which was received by women with open arms. Since 1988, KENZO PARFUMS has been the creator of some of the most ground-breaking fragrances of the past decades, such as Flower by Kenzo, Kenzo Amour, L’eau par Kenzo, and Summer by Kenzo.

Refresh your senses with the Kenzo Fragrance

Refresh your senses with captivating floral fragrances from Kenzo Perfume. The voluptuous, spicy floral scent with accents of jasmine and musk rose, embody the elegant feminine scent of the perfumes. Wear it for all day invigorating freshness and classic sophistication along with a beautiful summer dress and ballerina pumps. Or, let your senses travel eastwards, to the majestic land of Asia, with Kenzo. Rich in cherry blossom, frankincense, vanilla and Chinese white tea fragrances, Kenzo transports you into a world of the exotic, sensual and delicate aromas. This is the perfect scent for every occasion. Add the Kenzo scent to your look to turn heads when you walk the streets. Get it on Zando now with free delivery and free returns. Now that’s relaxing shopping.