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New Balance Performance South Africa

New Balance Performance products are the brainchild of the New Balance company. New Balance is far older than many people realise. The company was established in 1906 in an effort to help relieve the foot pain of labourers, enabling them to stand on their feet longer. This was the beginning of the company's commitment to comfortable footwear. The company released it's first running show in 1938, which came with a money-back guarantee. Because New Balance understood that not everyone's foot was the same size or shape, it was the first to offer different widths of running shows, back in 1960. this revolutionised the company, allowing them to provide everyone with the best fitting shoe possible. The company was purchased in 1972 by entrepreneur Jim Davis on the day of the Boston Marathon.

Throughout it's history, New Balance has offered a selection of high-quality products. Today, New Balance Performance products are more than a brand of great shoes. Here at Zando, we're proud to offer a wide variety of products from New Balance. Whether you are looking for sports bras, shirts, pants, jackets, shorts or shoes, there's a New Balance product for you, regardless of whether you are looking for men's or women's clothing. With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, it shouldn't be too hard to find a product that will fit your personal sense of style and allow you to express yourself in your own unique way.